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Welcome to Tracking-tech! We are an efficient website who provides the needs to understand  all business ideas and currency related topics. Finally to achieve excellence in money making.


In our society, even now , urban consumers don’t know how to plan their finances and financial products. Our eventual aim is to include all the best contents regarding managing your business.

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What we chose to share with you:

While thinking of it all, we have decided to share our knowledge and collect more and more knowledgeable blogs for your benefit.


In this category we provide you with abundant ways to educate yourself for your business management through Finance and marketing technology.


Our business column will give a clear understanding of how and when to use all technical ideas in business areas. This would not only help the beginners in the business world. This will definitely give an elaborate discussion to an experienced businessman too.


Technology is everything in this updating world. We would update you with all the technical related topics through our website. Such as which apps you should use according to your business needs. Tracking your developmental growth plays  an important role here. We would give bundles of ideas to monitor. Where to monitor is the main criteria most of us getting confused here. So you could get a clear view  regarding technology here.


  Marketing… What does it really mean?

You have started a wonderful business and everything is perfect there. Your quality is awesome and everything is fine. Now we should do the marketing here. Then only it will reach the right audience or consumers as per your expectation. For doing so, you should know where I should do my marketing? We should choose the right person who needs our services. Then only it’s going to be worth it. So we discuss here the marketing strategies for different categories of business, from basics to all levels of achievement.


Financial management has an empowering role in the development of your life in all stages.Learn,  How to earn the money from your passion , how to protect and invest the money to make it grow. And guidance to handle your finance related issues without any second thoughts.


Many of the people still don’t know, What is a digital currency? Does it change from country to country? What is the value of it? Learn the algorithm of your currency in the digital world. Read our crypto blogs for a real understanding and usage of all crypto currency.


Can we make some real money from games? Yes for sure. If you are a game developer, definitely you are going to be a millionaire soon in this era. You can easily develop and sell your games through more platforms who give you the proper settlements. And one more thing, you can earn through playing games too.


Purpose of our website is mainly to make awareness of finance and give guidance from our experience.

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