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“Knowledge is more valuable than any other treasures in the world”

Do you have a lot of it in the business and other currency related topics?

   This is the exact opportunity for you.TT is opening for guest posts for our website. Bundle up all your abilities and get ready!!!

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Who are we?

  •    Tracking-tech is full of information and guidance for all business related categories.
  • We provide a clear picture of the current scenario in the digital world for our readers.

Educating our readers:

  • Our motto and aim is always to educate our readers in and about business oriented happenings.

Opinions and guidance:

  • We provide tips and guidance for every Business either small or large scale.

“Writings lives in the world more than the writer”

We want your expert article to make a marvelous change in a small common business throughout the centuries over our website.

Our Domain includes,

  1. Technology
  2. Marketing
  3. Business
  4. Finance
  5. Education
  6. Crypto
  7. Games

    At present we accept articles as guest post write for us in all the above categories. If you are  skilled in any one or all of these, we surely are waiting for your articles.

Before starting let’s discuss our needs and GUIDELINES.


Technology write for us

   In this rapidly updating world, Technology is growing so fast. The article categories we accept for here are,

  1. Internet
  2. Computer
  3. Cellphone
  4. Circuit
  5. Artificial intelligence
  6. Software
  7. Audio and visual technology
  8. Information,Communicative, Nuclear,Bio, Electronics Mechanical and Material Technologies
  9. Construction, Manufacturing, Medical, Energy power, Transportation and Agricultural Technologies.

Marketin write for us

   Without the exact ideas of marketing strategies even the business magnets would struggle a bit. Article types for our marketing categories are,

  1. Digital marketing
  2. SEM- Search Engine Marketing
  3. SEO- Search Engine Optimization
  4. Online branding
  5. Social  and email marketing
  6. Affiliate marketing
  7. Content marketing
  8. Influencer marketing and start-up Marketing.
  9. Google tools.

Business write for us

    Every business needs an expert touch for growing. We would appreciate it, if your article cover these,

  1. Getting funds
  2. Choosing the business name
  3. Picking out the right location
  4. Partnership in business
  5. Registering the business
  6. LLC
  7. Corporations

Finance “write for us”

   Without knowing how to manage the finances, yearning is not going to anyone. So we expect you to write the articles for not only earning. It’s for making the Money to grow. Article ideas are,

  1. Consistency,Timeline management , Justification Documentation, Certification in Finance
  2. Assets , Liabilities and Future growth
  3. Responsibility building
  4. Public,Personal, Corporate Private, Finance tips.

Education write for us

  Educating someone is a blessing we can have in our life. Article categories for this areas are,

  1. E-commerce
  2. Finance
  3. Human resources
  4. Business administration and management.
  5. Tips and guidance for all the business related categories.
  6. Sharing the top business men’s tactics and strategies.

Crypto write for us

   Digital currency is growing very fast and the awareness of it is not very promising. We would appreciate it if your article covers these,

  1. Investing in Bitcoin
  2. Taxes of crypto
  3. Binance
  4. Dogecoin
  5. Lucky Block
  6. Defi, NFT, Utility tokens, Store of value tokens and Yield forming tokens.

Games write for us

   Guidance for game developing and app running and more types of articles are welcome here,

  1. Action, Adventure, Role play, puzzle games.
  2. Simulation, Strategy and sports
  3. Net and wall
  4. Racing,  fighting games
  5. Target

Not only these topics, if you have any other different ideas and topics other than those above types are also accepted here. The only thing is it should be under our main category and fully for our readers’ benefit.

Guidelines for your notice!!!

Please go through before proceeding. We don’t want to reject any writer.

  1. Your article should only be on the main categories.
  2. Article should be original and plagiarism free.
  3. Don’t send us any already published content.
  4. Use  necessary Headings and Sub-Headings.
  5. Article should be 1200 words.
  6. Use short paragraphs, and bullet points.
  7. We don’t accept any promotion or endorsement.
  8. Stay clear about the copyrighted labels.
  9. Follow up with the necessary images and videos
  10. Focus on the keywords.
  11. We don’t accept copy pasting contents.
  12. Give your external and internal links, contact details and a photograph for the Author unit.
  13. Adding up your CV might be useful for your readers to get to know more about you.
  14. Friendly and communicative way of writing is a must.
  15. Content should be neat and direct.
  16. Keep updated News facts research handy.
  17. Submit your article in Word format.
  18. Proof read your article before submitting to avoid rejection.

“Creating awareness in the business and finance areas is a marvelous capability”

  TT appreciates your talent and is ready to help you reach the readers.

Benefits for you as a writer:

  • Your article will be published with your link to follow your articles, for the readers to follow up.
  • After publishing we post the article in our social media with Author credits.
  • Your social media profile will get prominence.
  • Opportunity to share your knowledge and make the reader’s life improve.
  • Your skills will get enhanced.

 TT  write for us guest post is going to be the game changer to raise your profile.

Ours and the readers benefits:

  • Readers will have the opportunity to gain professional and expert ideas and opinions.
  • Your skilled and informative articles will raise our website reach and to help us gain more readers.

Achieve more readers through our write for us guest post!!!

How to submit your write for us Guest post

If you can write for all our required category articles and clearly understand our guidelines, now is the time to start.

First  Email us your “title”. And then,

 To submit your article, kindly send it to contact@tracking-tech.com

Then please wait for the approval and publishing.

Rules for your consideration:

  • The TT has all the rights to edit, change the images and links you share in the article according to our readers’ wishes.
  • No advertisement, News copies and Excessive links are allowed.
  • Be sure with the guidelines before you send.

After we approve your article (write for us guest post)

  • If your guest post is accepted, at first we will analyse it. We made any changes, we will send you the edited copy.
  • TT has all rights to delete all the irrelevant content to our site.
  • Currently we don’t pay for any guest post.
  • After publishing, we highly recommend you to share it in your social media and all networks.
  • You are responsible for taking charge of responding to the comments on the blog.

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  16.  write for us Education
  17. Tips write for us Education
  18. Education write for us guest post
  19. Crypto “write for us” guest blogger
  20. Crypto write for us guest blog
  21. Submit write for us Games
  22. Submit guest post Games

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